Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn was my chosen designer for the luminair project and by happy coincidence I have been totally inspired and spurred on by her beautiful work.  It’s very clear that Nunn takes a considerable amount of her inspiration from nature but her work is more than flowers on paper. The hand cut and drawn patterns come from her love of woodlands and flowers and her materials used create warm glows when transformed into lamps. It’s very hard to believe that these ideas began life as greeting cards.

My Thoughts……..

I wanted my luminair to manipulate the light in its favour, much like these lamps do. Most importantly i wanted the luminair have as much warmth and texture to it as these. I feel an insertion of colour could take these designs to another level, although lovely in their nude ,warm shades a touch of colour here and there would add character and depth to the light dispersing from her lanterns. Also further exploration of pattern design to make the patterns more 3D or ‘pop out’ could direct the light in more exaggerated ways. I really enjoy looking and learning from Hannahs work, so much so that Ive contacted her in regards to some work experience !.

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