Recent visit to the Mission Gallery Swansea

 A recent visit to my local art gallery introduced me to a fantastic new artist. Rebecca Adams’s work is so beautyfuly made and displayed i couldent wait to get home and post these images to share my enthusasm for her work.


My thoughts ……

Although i loved this exhibition and admired her craftsmanship skills I couldn’t help but feel Id seen this type of work by other artists  and it wasnt the most original interpretation of embroidered work. Despite this there is a warmth so this work that you feel when entering the exhibition. I think the feel of an exhibition is incredibly important and it’s something I need to take into account in future if i had the opportunity to make a collection, how its made, connected and displayed are all key to this feeling. Without the atmosphere created by her work I feel it would lack in impression and simply be another collection of hand stitched items and books that most students could replicate.

After visiting th exhibition i looked for Rebecca’s website to find out more about her and her inspirations. I then found her website it’s self an inspiration,as ive recently been deciding how my own work should be placed in a digital portfolio. Id love for my work to be displayed online in this simple but beautiful way.

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