Work Experience at Radiance with Hannah Nunn

I was fortunate enough this summer to spend some time with Hannah Nunn who’s work inspired me greatly this year during the “Luminaire” project. Her beautiful store in west yorkshire is a  sweet shop of lighting designs and I was happy to spend hours exploring them in its warm ambiance.

Hannah's Store

The desk with work in progress.


Some of Hannah's Designs


The works of other designers are also sold at Radience but as they are carefully selected by Hannah the whole store as a wonderful atmosphere and plenty to look at . It takes time to really take in all that the store has to offer from the larger lamp shades to the smallest of tealight holders. My time at the store taught me to appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the creation of all the designs and while there I was happy to help Hannah create some of her designs. Talking to Hannah made me realise that working independently can be very rewarding but it involves total dedication to your workplace and design. Hannah inspired me and made me feel that designing wasnt a deadend road with little opportunity but it is what you make of it, and hard work and passion is what comes across when speaking to Hannah about her work.

I wanted to ask about Hannah about her story and how she came to find all the different elements of her business that make it work today. Plastic components where integral to Hannah’s designs and she has them made for her by a local supplier. The tools used to aid the making process are also made by the suplier, this made me realise there is so much to consider in the production of the product , even it’s smallest parts can be the most crutal so it’s quality remains high.

I throughly enjoyed my time at Hebdone bridge with Hannah, It introduced me to lots of other designers i now would like to contact about further work experience. I feel that spending time with Designers who have worked at their passion and make a living in design will inspire me and keep me positive about finding work or creating my own work in an ever declining economy.



With Thanks to Hannah and Mathew for having me and teaching me so much .

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