High Tech Lighting- Illuminate Project

I’ve recently begun work on a brief given to our course by High Technology Lighting Leeds, it’s and exciting open brief with a huge amout of room for exploration. In short , the brief ask’s that I design a luminary that makes use of a new form if LED bulb named Xicato, the design must also appeal to the high end market. It’s a very open brief that has no financial, environmental or manufacture restrictions other than that of my own ability and time. I’ve begun work by researching lighting of all kinds that exists in the high end market, by focusing in on concepts that have a “wow” factor or a clever use of materials I hope to gain a strong grounding of what designs are successful in todays market and why.

About the Xicato LED.

Xicato LED

Consistent colour appearance for life, faithful color rendering for life,perfect uniformity for life.

From concept through the life of the installation, Xicato remains the same.

For more information of the inner workings and applications of the bulb visit :


As the above picture demonstrates, the Xicato is a versatile product that can create an atmosphere and change a space when strategically placed. The Xicato can disperse even, white light out onto a surface or downwards over a large space, this video link demonstrates the added components that can alter the light distribution and strength as well as colour.


The clients brief

Design and produce a working sample of a luminaire that incorporates the Xicato LED technology that you would expect to find within a high end interior fitting, a feature object evoking strong aesthetic properties is required.

The design must demonstrate an awareness of light distribution and the unique form factor the Xicato module offers.

The materials used, production process, presentation, and marketing potential of the luminaire into this elite market sector.

High Technology Lighting’s ambition for the winner is to create a luminaire that can, in association with Leeds Met be sold commercially, with all profits divided equally.

We also hope that the commercial and critical success of the luminaire would create additional interest and draw to all parties involved.

The mood board.

Through collecting some designs that reflect current trends this mood board has given me lots of inspiration and food for thought. In terms of materials there seems to be no limits, from natural to the super modern. But organic forms still seem to be the most popular,clean lines, curves and patterns all taking influence from nature.

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