“In a major matter,no details are too small ” Gondi – Defining the brief.

There are some key aims that can be drawn from the existing brief but I feel after meeting with Thomas Holgeth (MD), that it’s important to add some context and details.

Added Key considerations :

  • The original aims of the brief must be met but to do so  client and context research is essential. Having research into various areas of high end lighting placement I’ve chosen to specialise in an area related to my part time job. Having worked in Harvey Nichols for over a year, I gained close relationships with staff from all areas including personal shopping. They have a secluded area that dedicates it’s self to catering to the every need of the higher end customer I wish to set this area as my context and their everyday customer will be my audience.
  • The final model must be of high quality and visually communicate clearly how it will work and look.
  •  To aim the luminary at the ‘high end’ retail environment, materials used must be suitably appealing and/ or incorporate a clever twist that will appeal to their audience/ customer.
  • The design must consider the ventilation of the Xicato as it will inevitably effect the atheistic of the design.
  • There is an opportunity for the product to be sold commercially, although my background and grounding is in craft and hand making, the luminaire manufacture must be realistic. For larger batches of production a manufacture that includes very fine hand detail wouldn’t be suitable, although a personal approach such as selection of unusual materials or process would still be suitable and would also enhance the products individuality and appeal to the exclusive market.
  • A simpler manufacture process should not mean a sacrifice in style or aesthetic appeal.
  • Inspiration should come from market research and trends in retail environements but also from fashion and various forms of lighting design.
  • Experimentation with the bulb and different colours/shapes/surfaces should lead to a appealing use of light.
  • Harvey Nichols strive to be “Exclusive but accessible” in their selection and sale of products. The luminaire should ‘Wow’ the entering customer but not overwhelm or discomfort them.

These extra key points will hopefully give me a better chance of answering the brief in a more accurate professional way and make the outcome a strong , unique concept.

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