Modelling with copper mesh.

The thin sheets of copper are expensive to buy so in order to get an idea of how the light will reflect and how easy the copper will form I have used copper mesh to create an initial concept. The mesh is difficult to manipulate at times as it can be sharp and spring away from the direction in which it’s secured. Despite it’s difficult nature I like the way in which the copper reflects the light, I also like the idea of using an industrial material for a high end luminaire.

I layered strips of copper to create an organic form that was naturally created by the copper’s tension. I loosely secured it with clear fishing wire in order to take some pictures against the light. The pictures below demonstrate the copper’s dramatic change when light is added.

Copper mesh strips

Using pegs to hold and secure each strip whilst building up the form.

Even with the light off the copper reflects natural light and remains appealing.

The light emitted was a warm even glow, but in parts was to strong due to lack of a filter.

This experiment proved valuable to me as it showed me the difficulties and benefits of working with copper. Although I’ve used mesh instead of sheeting it gave me some ideas for form and scale. I’d like the actual design to be around double the size of this one as it would create a stronger impression and give the light more surface to bounce off.

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