The construction of Erwin Zweirs ‘Twisted’ lanterns

Erwin Zweirs description :

“The inspiration for the ‘Twisted Lights’ comes from the material used, namely bend plywood. This type of plywood is perfect to bend, when it’s properly processed, so the forming capabilities are endless. The flexibility of the material invites to make organic forms. The lamp is built from an initial shape, which is the top of the lamp. Against this top bend plywood is wrapped, so that during the construction of the lamp it will grow step by step. During this process the lamps are created. In advance it can not be determined what form eventually will come out.

This series consists of lamps that are all unique for itself. Each lamp is handmade which makes no lamp the same.  The uniqueness of the ‘Twisted Lights’ is that it’s a combination between an object and an utensil. Through its shape, in all its versatility, it’s an attractive object to watch. However, when the lights go on, the functional nature of the lamp will be revealed which is a beautiful lamp that gives pretty and warm lighting.”

Zwiers simple sketches

The beginnings of layering the plywood strips

Layering process- creates texture and shadow when light hits it.

The finished luminaires

These images are from

These luminaire’s are a perfect example of works that let the materials predict the form. My work experience with Jane Blease taught me that wood has a mind of it’s own, but in this case it’s the power of that unpredictability that makes the work special. No light will be the same as the next making the buyer feel special and exclusive, this is the kind of feeling I would like me buyer to feel. The texture provided by the layering of wood gives the luminaire’s a more complex, interesting appearance by creating shadows and throwing the light evenly across the layers.

The lamps do not use LED bulbs but the design it’s self and the hand made process are what inspire me to adapt, experiment and create to make my own unique luminaire.

The principles of this design also tie in with the topic of my dissertation, “The personal approach to modern design” . With the hands on process and uniqueness of each lamp demonstrating a desire for craftsmanship in the larger production market.

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