Modelling to scale using paper

These paper models are made to the scale I’d ideally like my light to be, using strips of paper 32cm/110cm in order to try and make a shade that measures 32cm/55cm. The paper made organic forms very easily, I don’t think leather will act in a similar way as it’s heavier and less stiff but only modelling with it will confirm my suspicions and I’m currently in the process of sourcing some scrap/faux leather.The main aim of this modelling experiment was to use full scale materials and watch how the light moves through the forms.

Using card cut to the scale of the luminaire I placed the bulb within it to measure the light’s distribution.I expected to see the light cut off at a certain point on the card but I was happily surprised with the results. The light shone evenly bright across the entire surface of the card .

Measuring light distribution across the surface.

Even in a highly lit environment the bulb dissperced light evenly across the card and gave a warm glow. A closed-in solid form contained the light, when perforated I hope my form disperses this light.

The next stages.

  1. Test leather models and pattern effects.
  2. Create quick frame’s from flexible metal wire in order to develop the best possible form.
  3. Test the weight of the leather on the frame
  4. Create a housing for the LED
  5. Consider the hanging mechanism , how to get the luminaire to hang evenly from the ceiling.

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