Redefining the brief.

The design brief originally set by Thomas was incorporated into a narrower brief by myself, this brief included a more detail outline of what I wanted to achieve and the context it would be in.  The points from my defined brief are all still very relevant and have kept me on the right path so far, there are some points that have developed and now require editing.

  •  “The luminary at the ‘high end’ retail environment, materials used must be suitably appealing and/ or incorporate a clever twist that will appeal to their audience/ customer.” 

I have now decided that the luminair will be made from high quality leather. In order to make the most of the material, several trail runs with PVC substitute are needed.The leather must be cleanly cut and finished to give the final product a sleek, professional look.

“There is an opportunity for the product to be sold commercially, although my background and grounding is in craft and hand making, the luminaire manufacture must be realistic. For larger batches of production a manufacture that includes very fine hand detail wouldn’t be suitable, although a personal approach such as selection of unusual materials or process would still be suitable and would also enhance the products individuality and appeal to the exclusive market.”

The manufacture processes that will be used are used by both large scale manufacturers and smaller scale crafts people. This ensures that the assembly of the design is understandable for the client but also fits the key points of individuality and finish as well as the hand made appeal. The materials used are easily sourced but are not cheap or over used in the lighting industry today, they are unique in their application to this brief. I will need to document the manufacture process carefully and ensure  I understand each manufacturing component and have a clear list of materials and measurements of the final design. From these details I can then give a manufacture cost and estimate a recommended retail price.

“Inspiration should come from market research and trends in retail environements but also from fashion and various forms of lighting design.”

Most of my design inspiration eventually came from the context it’s self. After interviewing a display team member from Harvey Nichols I felt the atmosphere or the area was key to the success of the design and so I focussed on the theme of ‘escapism’. Although it means different things to different people, I chose to look at it from a theme of woodland, forest and natural elements. This served as the inspiration of the organic form and the natural, forest canopy inspired pattern that will be cut from the leather.

“Experimentation with the bulb and different colours/shapes/surfaces should lead to a appealing use of light.”

My experiments with the LED led me to design a lumiare with a heavy fabric that also includes texture. This came as a result of experimenting with light quality and understanding the power and distribution of light by the LED. This point is something I feel I can now take out of the brief as it was part of the design process and has been completed with the outcome of a grounded material choice and texture design.

Some points to be added to my existing brief are :

  • The final presentation should incorporate a banner/poster displaying  large images of the luminaire along with the project report, experiments and presentation.
  • The wire that hangs the light from the ceiling should be supported by wire/chain to keep the luminaire level and strong.
  • The leather should be attached to the frame discreetly, by stitching or strong clear adhesives.


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