First attempt at frame making.

Using a pencil drawing that was to the scale of the rough flexible wire frame I’d previously made, I created a stronger more realistic frame work from steel rod.

Material list

•3meters of 3mm steel rod cut to 35cm lengths.
•9cm circle of 5mm steel plate.
•2 short 3mm screws
•Wide 8cm reflector, heat sink, Xicato LED.


Rolling the wire through the rollers made it instantly more flexible.

Pictured here are come of the metal components for the frame before modification. Three 3mm wire spines 35cm in length, a 5mm thick steel plate marked out for cutting and the reflector.

Using the workshops machinery I cut out and soldered the individual components of the framework.


This picture shows the inner and upper rings attached to the 3 spines and the reflector. The middle ring is 18cm in diameter and the top steel plate ring is 8cm.


The upper ring attached to the reflector by two small screws.


The images show the spines pertruding from the steel plate on which the heat sink will sit. I hope these points will stop the heat sink moving.


Unfortunately when deciding to lengthen the spines upward and sit them neatly into the edges of the steel plate, I did not account for their addition to the width. This meant the steel plate became to narrow for the reflector to sit and as a result , small cuts had to be made to the reflector base.

Going Forward

Now that I have some sort of frame I can model the leather on it with the light in place to create the best form.

The benefits of viewing the errors early mean I can alter this frame to make a wider steel plate with whole new frame if need be. This would let the reflector sit flush to the steel plate which is important as the design should work perfectly with the Xicato products provided by the client.

I need to investigate if small wire hooks braised to the spines would help keep the leather in place rather than sit itching or gluing.

When modelling with this frame and the leather I will need to ensure the light quality remains as measured previously with the paper model.

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