Sample’s of patterns cut from leather

All patterns cut from one sheet of leather

The patterns I designed where cut or etched on the laser cutter. The etching failed to leave enough light through the leather but it was difficult to decide on a power for the laser , in future another test will be needed to achieve a good quality etch.

Failed etching- the power needed to be higher to burn through more of the fabric.

Although the etching failed the fully cut patterns gave some interesting effects when placed in front of the Xicato LED.

Swirls pattern

The favourites- Both pattens are simple but effective in distributing the light evenly.

Inspired by the light that seeps through the canopy of a forest this pattern gives small glimpses of light.

This sample reveals to much light and folds forward because pieces of the pattern have broken away. This is due to the design of the pattern and the laser cutting process.

The grain of the leather is catching the light emitted by the LED and the light in the room around it, this makes the fabric look more luxurious and high end. This final pattern is the one I’ve chosen to use in my final design as it’s a simplified, less literal version of my earlier floral design. The small individual shapes are letting small amounts of light escape gradually across the surface of the leather and this gives an interesting shadow of pattern. Now that the form has simplified I hope this pattern will keep the texture and feeling of escapeism to the work that I wanted to include.

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