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I am very happy with the luminaire’s glow, form and texture and feel Iv’e managed to soften the glare of the Xicato bulb without losing its powerful light quality. Although I aim to change the wires and ceiling rose at a later stage I feel this luminaire as it stands is fulfilling many of the aims I set out to achieve as well as those sett by the client. Leather was an unusual material choice but has provided me with a new material experience and has also resulted in an unusual but effective distribution of light.

Why Fichu ?


fichu is a large, square kerchief worn by women in the 18th century to fill in the low neckline of a bodice. The fichu was generally of linen fabric and was folded diagonally into a triangle and tied, pinned, or tucked into the bodice in front. My design resembles this traditional piece of ladies wear which ties nicely with my context area of personal shopping at Harvey Nichols. The name Fichu also sounds similar to ‘feature’ and that is what my luminaire was intended to be.

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