Manufacture of genuine leather shell.

It was important to me that the leather was sourced from a responsible leather supplier. I was lucky to find one that uses non toxic oils and waxes, natural wax cotton threads, water based eco dyes and finishes and natural sustainable leather. The leather is very light sheepskin that has been treated with a pearlescent treatment.



Using the same method I’d found when cutting the PVC I placed segments of the leather onto the laser cutter bed and turned the leather each time a section had been completed. The problem with this method is that it requires rolling up excess leather at the sides on the laser bed. These rolled up sections make the leather raised at it’s edges effecting the cut. In these areas the laser didn’t cut through the leather entirely and I had to cut some of the pattern by hand.


Using a craft knife i cut out the areas of pattern that had not fully been cut by the laser.


I was very happy with the outcome. The pearlised effect of the leather caught the light of surroundings as well as that from the Xicato. Although the pattern did not cut well in some areas it cut a neat and effective pattern over all , giving the leather detail and texture without requiring to much hands on craftsmanship.


Up close you can see the pearlised treatment of the leather and its rough hide texture.



The full leather hide after cutting. Here you can see the central area where there is less pattern to give the LED and heat sink more coverage.


Now the leather has been cut I can add it to the final frame by making a hole at the centre of the hide to allow the power and hanging wires to come through. The hanging wires can then be attached to a small  hook that will discreetly hold the luminaire level.



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