The new component construction and final framework.

Material list for added component.

•0.5meters of 2mm copper rod

•3.5mm circle of 5mm steel plate
 After trailing the frame  with the PVC leather and seeing it’s errors, I had designed an added component that would attach to the heat sink itself.


The design of this component means that the heat sink can be removed and dismantled with ease by simply lifting it away from the steel plate underneath it.


This component was made from 4 rods of 2.5mm copper wire that slots into openings on the heat sink as shown. The wires from the LED feed up through a smaller steel ring keeping them enclosed while also holding the shape of the luminaire. 


Using nuts and bolts eitehr side of the heat sink I attached white electrical wire  that will act as support for hanging the luminaire. I chose to use this wire because of it’s strength and flexibility but also because it will discreetly blend with the surroundings of the lumainaire.



The metal inside the white wires wrap around the nut which is secured underneath the steel plate by the bolt.


Once small hooks where added to the spines the frame was almost complete. The spines had to be marked and trimmed individually so that they didn’t protrude from under the leather and then sprayed white to make it less visible.

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