Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013


Stockholm studio From Us With Love launched their tiered spun metal lamps at the furniture fair this week.

Stockholm Furniture fair has been a very exciting , eclectic event that has brought many new designers to my attention. Inspiring installations , clever uses of unconventional materials and an overall fun feeling make up what has been a brilliant start for design in 2013. At the start of a new project it can be so daunting and frustrating to find your way, and Stockholm’s fair has been a lifeline to me this week. Everyday Iv’e scoured through websites, blogs and magazines keeping up too date with the fair’s exhibits, finding inspiration but also learning about new designers, ideas and processes.  Below are some works from the week that have tickled my fancy and got my sketchbook flowing with crazy concepts.


Swedish designers Claesson Kivisto Rune used Recycled aluminium to create these small and colourful pendant lamps for Swedish lighting brand Wästberg.


Japanese design studio Nendo made a mountain range from laser cut foam board at the entrance of the fair.




Färg & Blanche a Swedish-French design studio presented their chair that can be dressed up !. An assortment of garments are available which make the design a fun and versatile piece.


In this installation robotic arms move across a landscape of delicate glass objects


Talks at the fair where held beneath this incredible installation of 11,000 patterned paper sheets. Designed by Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh the installation was one of my favourite works at the fair because it engulfs you into a world of pattern, texture and colour. Saksi’s illustrations covered the underside of the A3 sheets so the patterns could only be appreciated from underneath. At each corner the paper was threaded onto lengths of string, which were hung closer together than the length of the sheets so each piece of paper buckled into a wave.


Oslo designers StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik present these blown-glass treesThe Woods comprises clusters of glass bubbles with differing proportions and coloured tints, supported on solid glass stems.”The inspiration was found in the forests and the lights of the North,” says Engesvik. “A tree changing colours and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.” StokkeAustad

The variety of work available at the fair and the interesting issues raised by them has inspired me to go forth and begin concept drawings in preparation for my final project.

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