Final project brief.


It’s final project time and theres not a minuet to waste, but it’s come around so quickly that I cant seem to get my head around the urgency. None the less I do know some things, so here is my attempt at a skeleton of a design brief that I hope to build on in the following weeks.

Design and produce a working sample of Luminaire’s that incorporate the theme of escapism. The outcomes should act as tools that connect you to a ‘dream like’ or peaceful state of mind. The designs should have the qualities that you would expect to find within existing products and activities used to escape from day to day reality such as books, tents, candles ,sketching or listening to music. All of these things have a commonality in that they provide comfort through stimulation of the senses or imagination.

Ideally within the collection I’d like to create a feature object evoking strong aesthetic properties along with a tactile surface. As always the context and users of the designs is what will dictate their style, form material choice among other key features. Having spent some time researching into the ways in which different age groups escape , I feel that concentrating on people aged 25-35 would be the area with most potential to explore in terms of creating a product. This age group is diverse but on the whole they are the group most likely to be buying, renting and moving house, they are socially active and potentially need time to escape from the stress of work or hectic family life .

The designs must demonstrate an awareness of light distribution and consider the user process from switching on to switching off in order to try and make it more unconventional. Much of my initial research has found a current lighting trend for exposing bulbs alone, I’d like to examine this trend and explore the notion of taking away the danger associated with a naked bulb.

The materials used, production process, presentation, and branding of the design collection should aim to reflect the inspiration of escapism but also relate to current lighting, art and design trends.

This brief is very basic but will help me further progress into the next stages of the design process. In the following week I plan to begin detailed market and context research and concept drawings.

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