The ‘Make Light’ Google hangout at Duke Studio’s Leeds.

I was very excited to learn that there is a new place for creatives of all types to gather here in Leeds. Duke studios is a multi diciplinary creative space situated at the bottom of town at Monroe House, the studio offers studio spaces, co working areas and many other handy services to suit independent creatives or small businesses. This week Duke Studios are running a ‘MAKE OWT’ workshop specifically aimed at those interested in lighting, it involves throwing a  group of creative people from any specialisms into one room and asking them to answer the brief entitled ‘Make light’. Obviously I couldn’t turn down such an exciting opportunity  especially as it perfectly co-insides with my current final major project brief to “design and make a collection of luminaires”.

Duke studio's website can be found here!

Duke studio’s website can be found here!


Last friday some of the people that will be attending the workshop gathered at Duke to discuss the brief and each persons own interpretation of it, ideas, materials needed and how we could help each other. There are many personal briefs that have sprouted from the orignal ‘Make Light’, some are more interested in what effects can be made with different technological uses of LED’s, where as others ( and me ) are more interested in making a physical design that will house light.

We spent the afternoon editing the existing brief, chatting and quizzing each other’s ideas and discussing our skills and possible co workings. Each person will bring something to the table and so I’m extremely excited for the workshop this coming weekend, it will be great to meet new people and share a creative experience. I’l be treating the workshop as a mini project and I’d like to leave with a working prototype of a concept that will help me progress further with my ideation and material choices for my final major project. I’d highly recommend a visit to the Duke Studio’s website to get a feel for what they offer and up and coming events !.

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One thought on “The ‘Make Light’ Google hangout at Duke Studio’s Leeds.

  1. brilliantly insightful post. If only it was as effortless to implement some of the solutions as it was to read and nod my head at each of your points

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