Designer in focus – Tom Dixon

I’ve looked at a variety of  sources for inspiration since beginning this project from abstract art and installations to traditional toys and books but many of the lighting design’s I’ve looked at have been very visually simplistic and more appealing to the senses through interaction. Tom Dixon is one of the designers I admire most in today’s UK lighting market, a self-taught designer of lighting and furniture products, his work appeals to the everyday consumer as well as celebrities. For me, the attraction to his works is their texture and simple use of colour and forms. I feel I’ve neglected the visual attraction element that’s so important when designing lamps up until this point as I’ve been so focused of experimenting with new technologies. Below are some examples of his current lighting collection , the collection includes  candle light holders, pendant lamps as well as smaller table lamps.


“Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by our nation’s unique heritage. Tom Dixon launches new collections annually with products sold more than 60 countries.”


“The Tom Dixon Design Research Studio delivers high concept interiors, large-scale installations and architectural design from Tom Dixon. Founded in 2002, it is noted for the ability to express a strong narrative with a dose of Britishness and eccentricity, and ingenious use of raw materials.”


What they have to say about this collection

“Celebrating the joy of contrast, this year we are highlighting the opposite qualities of our new products – Rough and Smooth.

The rough because this season we have worked on even more textural honesty and material weight  in our production.

And the smooth because we are still fascinated by extreme polished surfaces, sharp lines and modern manufacturing.

Eight new product families include tables, a book and a coat stand, mirrors and lighting.”


The collection demonstrates clean lines and forms combined with a variety of textures and this is a trend  that’s being filtered down  throughout the lighting market even reaching the High St as shown  in my little High St luminaire board below.


Luminaire’s from Ikea, M&S, Habitat, Next.
All available at their online stores.

Inspired by this trend of angular forms combined with texture I plan to further progress with my concept drawings and begin material experiments once the university workshop has reopened. Although I would love to work more with metals, having experimented with copper mesh I realise that there are limitations to what could be realistically achieved within the university workshop.

I will be looking into more craft like techniques that could be used to manipulate a thin metal sheet or mesh as I know from past projects that the laser cutter unfortunately cannot be used to etch or cut metals. I am also still very interested in what can be achieved with leather and light. Leather is a very versatile, strong textile  that has an appealing texture which I began to explore in my previous project. There was much room left to explore what can be achieved by laser cutting leather and the positive response I’ve received towards my last lamp is encouraging me to push leather experimentation further but as always, cost is a factor. Much consideration is needed this week before going forward, I feel at a slight dead-end and may be suffering with a bit of “designer’s block”.  In order to stay motivated I plan to return to Jolene and Sam to ask their opinion on my material and form ideas to see if some appeal more than others, this will hopefully spur me onto develop a final idea before time runs out !.

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