Candle light experiment

After considering the usability and journey the lamps could take, I wanted to hold an experiment that would show me how the process of carrying light in a dark home would work. The tradition of carrying a candle up to bed was a process that interestingly related to this and so I decided I’d ask a friend to carry a candle to bed at night to see how it made her feel, how safe she felt and how much she could actually see.


Daisy climbing the stairs by candle light

DAISY : I felt the heat from the candle burning my eyes, it was very bright and uncomfortable. I had to

hold the candle far to my side or above my head as the staircase is so narrow. I then looked down to the

small pool of light below to see where my feet where going. It felt exciting to be guiding my own way,

like I was on a little journey to bed but I didn’t feel safe in terms of where i was stepping because I

either had too much light or too little.

Here are some very dark (sorry!) but very interesting video’s that show daisy walking to bed by candle light. You can see her hold the lamp above her head and away from her to create pools of light around her.

photo (5)

Daisy holding the model of my lamp (with a small LED inside)

I asked daisy to use one of the models I’d created from plaster instead of the traditional candle because I wanted to take the chance to ask her how it felt to carry and move.

DAISY : I felt far more at ease with the lamp model because it gave me far more control over holding and

directing the light. It also took away the glare of an exposed flame and didn’t hurt my eyes at all.

Holding this lamp felt more natural than the candle stick holder and I also enjoyed the experience of

placing it next to my bed and laying with how it sat.

photo (4) 

photo (6)

photo (1)

Here are some videos of daisy  sitting with the model of my lamp design.

Over all I felt the experiment was swift and useful. It gave me a direct look into the users journey and how effectively my lamp could be used. I had never anticipated  that my lamps would light up the hole stair way, but the model did create a pool of light enough to guide your way with caution , the same as the traditional candle. I feel the design and use of the lamps will focus more around their ability to be used as individual lamps in different spaces rather than acting as torches but it’s a nice element to the design to consider, after all it’s up the user to decide where they want light.

It’s important to recognise that I conducted this experiment in very dark narrow conditions , in a house that Daisy lives in and so is used to. If there where more light via windows or if the house was not your own the results would have varied considerably. All in all I’m happy to have conducted a small but very interesting test, as it’s given me plenty to think on with for the lamps development.

photo (2)

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