Initial mod rock modelling – concept development

To experiment with the form of the funnels I’d liked so much, I created some initial models from Mod Rock. It’s a fabric and plaster sheet that comes in a roll form. The process involved simply cutting striped,squares and disks from the fabric plaster, placing them in warm water and placing them gently on the surface of the funnels. One a basic shape was created I added curves and height to the bases and experimented with different handle forms.


These are some of the handles I created , from research I’d found that handles with a larger end where more comfortable and reassuring to the user. I also created a small base that stood with no handle to try to imagine the possibility of a slot system were the handle would be added from underneath. This would mean the components could be made from separate materials.


Here you can see a close up on the model’s texture as well as the different styles of handle. I’ve also began to think about how they could be attached to hooks so that they could be hung.





Smaller lamp with a wide short handle.



This handle follow’s the natural form of the Avg Large Man’s hand, so that it also would suit a range of smaller sizes.

When placed over a lamp the light quality was very interesting in it’s patterned,textured effect. The light escaping from the top adds another element to the lamp and prevents it from looking too bell like.


The straighter handle has a cleaner look that better suites the lower half of the form in my opinion. Testing each form with users will tell me if there is a large amount of difference in the comfort of a straight but thick handle with a tapered edge than a rounded, hand shaped handle.


The smaller lamps that are independently lit could potentially be used as a hanging lamp. This would require a stand or ceiling fixing that the lamp could then attach to by a hoop /screw fixing/ clip style of hinge.


The mod rock modelling is a start, it’s made me consider a variety of different elements including :

1. The light quality – the texture and thickness of the walls of the material created a warm glow but was slightly to organic and unfinished looking. Despite this  there is a possibility of adding bead or strands to plaster to create texture and this must be explored further.

2. The handle width and length as well as how it could be separated and re attached. There could be more than one material used to add intrest and translate the movability and interactive ability of the smaller lamps.

3. The base height looks better when it’s deeper as it creates more of a surface for light to emit through.

4. How will the electronics be kept up inside the lamp, a ring of some sort will need to be designed.

My feeling now is that I am on the right track but much more investigation is needed into the form, what works and what doesn’t, aswell as materials what will work well with the LED’s light . This next week I plan to continure to post all of my experiments before coming to a conclusion on both form, materials and manufacture processes.

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One thought on “Initial mod rock modelling – concept development

  1. I’m fascinated along with interested in what you are talking about here.

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