Development drawings and user test

Having modelled the form from various materials and evaluated them against their need to look appealing, glow warmly and be mobile I needed to draw some conclusions about how and what handle could be used.  I also need to address the issue of conductivity because I don’t want it to hinder the visual appeal. I’ve been brain storming a few ideas in the drawings pictured below. IMG_1035





I need the handle of the lamps to do the following : 1.Feel comfortable in the hand of the user and give them confidence in its strength.

2. It must have a form of hook or hinge so that it could potentially be attached to a lamp stand or hung.


Wooden handle with a metal rod to improve grip to lift.

3. Have an individual appearance that sets them away from the largest lamp. This could be achieved by using a contracting material such as a wood or metal.


The original funnels I found had some rubber stoppers and they looked very industrial . They could potentially be used to attach the lamps to a stand so long as the stem of the stand fit the opening.


Copper ties used to carry conductivity.


The lamps usability Using a wooden handle.


The wooden handle would be hollow, replicating the top of the original funnels. This could attach to a lamp stand as shown.


Another possibility would be to hang the lamps either by attaching hooks or a loop to the top of the handle or by making an opening to tie to. These individual lamps could be attached to tracking creating an installation of however many battery-powered lamps.





Determining the range of possible uses of the movable lamps  is important as it reinforces the concept and pushes it a step further. Although it’s unrealistic to hope to make and produce models of the lamp in all situations I’d like to use some 3DS MAX renderings to represent some of these situations as visuals. These could be presented along with the prototype, models , drawings sketch book and report. I strongly feel that creating these visuals will help tell the story of the lamps and their possible journey in your home in a clear concise way.

 User test.


I asked three fellow students from various specialism’s to discuss the feel of the handle and surface of my various models so far.IMG_1091

Daisy : The wood model isn’t as smooth but does feel safer to handle. I can pick this up from a variety of angles but this top angle felt the most natural. It the handle was longer I think I would aim for a full grip instead.

Daisy: The mod rock model was very light but strong and I felt confident in using the loop-hole to swing and move it around. In comparison the plaster hollow model was as light but far more cold and smooth to the touch but I didn’t feel as confident that it would withstand me moving it around.

Dennis : I like the wooden models , mainly because they look very organic. They are heavier than the white models but I think that makes them feel of better quality, they have a sturdiness to them.IMG_1099


Daisy: I like that you could hold the lamps in a variety of ways I imagine this could  create a range of shadow’s. The inside surface is also smooth and soft to touch.IMG_1101


Joe : Having handled them all I think the form is what I enjoy most about them, it has a good scale to handle and still remains sculptural and nice to look at. As for how they feel, I’ve always liked wood and it’s strength and felt hesitant to handle any ceramics because their usually so expensive, I imagine others could feel the same way.


Dennis : I think there needs to be a hook or hoop or something similar. The mod rock model with the loop was nice to hold, it makes you want to hang, swing and move the lamp.


Joe : Could they be clustered together ?. I think they would look even more powerful in a group because of their strong,simple form but small scale.IMG_1113

I quickly hung the mod rock model and asked how they felt about the way it sits and works.


Daisy : I think I’d really enjoy the process of moving the lamps around my home, it would dramatically change a space whenever you felt the need for change and it wouldn’t cost you anything extra.

Joe : I know this is just a model, but a contrasting material for the loop could look effective I think.

Dennis : The model lends it’s self to so many uses , I can imagine  collecting them and gradually putting them to new uses around my home.


This small user test was interesting and brought up some valid points even though the test group was very small. I think the answers given are even more valuable as they come from other designers who have a different outlook and skill set than I.

I have already researched into handles and hand sizes and anticipated that the length of the handle may be mentioned as it was by Daisy, I do plan to extend the length of the handles to ensure  this issue is amended. Some other interesting points where the use of wood and the smooth surface of the ceramic along with its fragility.

I now feel even stronger that using wood for the handles of the two smaller lamps will give the lamps a clear user language and also provide them with a feeling of confidence when picking up the lamps.  I also feel nervous when handling the plaster models because of their thinness but this is something I’ve discussed in my modelling post. Ceramics can be made stronger by increasing wall thickness but this in turn can affect the light distribution and so yet again this experiment have proved that without specialist knowledge and workshop experiments, building from ceramics would not be the best option.

Their opinion on adding a loop to the handles was positive, it seemed to emphasise again the usability of  the smaller lamps. Upon viewing the hanging model the test group expressed their feelings on how the lamps would be appreciated and used by them personally, this was great to hear as it  made me realise how a model and some drawings can translate a concept and excite the audience effectively. The aim of my final presentation will be to get the viewers to imagine how these lamps would be used by  them, and where they would be inside their homes.

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