Refining the clips.

IMG_1887Three test models are tested in these images below, a small medium and large. The user placed the lamp around the ledge of a table as that was all that was to hand. I do not aim for these clips to fit tables, they are designed to fit around the ledges of windows, shelves or fireplaces although their free nature means it’s entirely up to the user. The user felt the smallest clip was too small for most of the areas he felt he could see the lamps in his own home and this was a fair opinion. The smallest clip has a width of 1.5cm, there are very few ledges smaller or at that size and so the medium clip would be better suited to smaller ledges measuring 2.5cm in width.

The largest clip has a standard width  of 4.5cm and so will fit anything from that measurement to 5.5cm /6.5cm. Both clips can be stretched outward up to 2cm above their resting width before returning.





IMG_1880This test was a quick way to discover how the clips felt to the user and to anticipate any issues the clips may have. Here are the key points drawn :

1. User cold think of limitless places around the home the lamp might be placed using the clips, this was positive as it means every user will develop their own ideas of where to use the lamps that best suits them and their home.

2. The clips can be used vertically and horizontally so that they can hangover the ledge as shown in the last image.

3. The clips needed to be rounded on both sides so as not to dig into the furnishings

4. Adding a rubber to the clips could help prevent any scratch marks when moving them on and off.

5.  The tin used in these models was too thin, it didn’t feel strong in the hand of the user and was very malleable. A thicker sheet metal would need to be used.

6. The clips would look and fit better with the design if they were made from copper to correspond with the fittings of the hooks and copper rings around the lamp bases.

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