The final copper clips


IMG_2206The final copper clip model’s are created using 1.2mm sheet copper which gives them a better strength than the tin models, they feel better quality to use and spring back into place. The copper looks appealing and the clip’s clean lined form means they continue the pure but warm industrial feel of the lamps. The clips are cut and formed by hand, sanded and sealed with lacquer so as not to change colour through handling.



Large clip length 22cm Width 2cm Depth 4cm
Smaller clip length 20cm Width 1.5cm Depth 2.5cm

I’m very happy with the form of the clips but there is some scratching where the pliers have left their mark. I used a wet/dry sand paper to remove any deep scratches and also to get rid of any sharp lines from where the metal was cut.  Overall I think the clips are very appealing and will complement the lamps nicely. I would like to investigate how they will sit next to or on the lamps to become part of them rather than going missing around the home of the user as they are relatively small. They could potentially be used to tilt the lamps, I investigated in an earner post that a wedge could be added to the handle to do this but since the development of these clips the possibility of tilting could not be made a simple reality. When any of the lamps are static , alone, they could tilt the lamp letting out light at an angle. I will investigate this more once the 3D prints have been assembled.

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