New Designers 2013 – Leeds Metropolitan University

I haven’t blogged for a long time due to being caught up in a whirl wind of final submissions, the graduate degree show and then the amazing experience that was New Designers 2013.

If you’ve never heard of it , New designers is and exhibition held each year at the Business Design Centre London, it’s a fantastic hive of creative graduates all under one roof displaying and selling their works. As part of the Leeds Metropolitan team heading to London this year, I planned to display my newly finished LU:ME lanterns.

What many don’t realise about the exhibition is the work that go’s on behind the scenes at each university before hand. Besides working night and day to achieve that sought after degree, most students have to design , fund raise and prepare all that’s needed to make their stand ‘stand out’ (bad joke I know).

As a team we chose a grey and copper theme ensuring everyone’s work would stand out individually. We are a multi disciplinary course and so it was very difficult to create a theme for the stand that encompassed and celebrated everyone’s work, this is why we created a key. A symbol of each persons work created the shape of Leeds and united us as a course, these individual shapes then sat next to your work so that the audience could identify each member.


Leeds Metropolitan New Designers team key.

Once the van was packed , we set off to London each armed with a hand full of business cards. It was exciting to be a part of each other’s journey from students to professionals and the week ahead was sure to transform us all.


Good bye Leeds !

Day 1, Set up day.

View from the bridge-New designers set up day.

View from the bridge- New designers set up day.

The Business Design Centre is a beautiful building but faced with the vast space on our arrival we were understandably overwhelmed. I don’t think anything can prepare you as a student for entering such an exciting but competitive environment, there was a great feeling of anticipation for the week ahead but also a feeling of relief, we had finally got there.

Some of the team looking very busy.

Some of the team looking very busy.

The set up day started at 8am with the team slowly arriving with cloudy eyes but after round of coffee’s we were ready to take on the stand. We chose to lay our own floor and used P5 chip board that slotted together with ease, most stands lay a floor as it adds that professional finish but in hind sight there may have been easier options. As you can see in the bottom right of this picture some used a wood effect lino that rolled out easily and could be trimmed quickly, if we had done this it would have saved us bringing large tools but hind sight is a wonderful thing.


Leeds Met stand- ND 13.


Unfortunately it was difficult to get the whole stand in due to the busy flow of people in the path but from these images you can begin to see how the key worked and the way we laid everything out.IMG_1698



My ladder of design process

With the stand finished and the whole team well and truly shattered we headed out for some well deserved burgers and beers. I cannot recommend Islington enough in terms of choice for cool, quirky restaurants and bars there was also a very good market with fresh produce and bargains galore. I knew from the first day that it was to be an expensive, calorific week !.

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