Around Bali in 30 days.

After three years of hard work it was finally time to get away from it all. My boyfriend and I had been looking to do some traveling and decided that Bali’s warm temperatures, sandy beaches and endless possibilities for adventure made it the perfect destination. We had a month, which may sound like a long time but as you can imagine flew by. Trying to make the most of each day was key and we managed to explore a large amount of the island. I could upload the millions of pictures we took but I will keep it short and sweet, Bali was the most beautiful , inspiring and welcoming place I have ever been.

We began our journey with a quick 3 day stay in Singapore.


A peek inside the famous Raffles Hotel with it’s traditional take on air conditioning !.


Louis Vitton store at the Marina Bay.


View from our hotel room – Rain clouds gathering.

Singapore is an interesting place with very friendly people but we felt three days was more than enough to cover the amazing Marina bay architecture , visit china town and little india and spend an evening at Singapore zoo’s Night Safari.

Moving swiftly on to Bali. We spent our first two weeks based in Sanur, a coastal town with a traditional Balinese feel.


Amazing stonework at the entrance to the temple.


Sanur Bay


We rescued some Black Leather Turtles (actual name).


From Sanur we also visited the island of Gili Trawangan which had a totally different feel. To get to Gili T it’s a pretty scary boat ride that I was honestly shocked to survive, but when you arrive………..IMG_0628 IMG_0565 IMG_0562 IMG_0577 IMG_0427……it’s worth the wait.

Most local people rely heavily on tourists to make their living and this means craftsmanship is still heavily valued in Bali. If you are not a farmer, you are more than likely a crafts person be it wood, stone , silks or silver. Some of the most amazing crafts I found on my trip where in Ubud. Known for being a hub for local artists it was the one place that really inspired me.


This is a hillside art gallery in Ubud Town.


The beautiful front doors of every house never failed to catch your eye.


The offerings of local people to the gods.


The view from the yoga pavilion.


This is a Bali Building site- Soon to be a hotel.

IMG_0771 IMG_0768 IMG_0762IMG_0714 image-19 image-14 image-13 image-12 IMG_0792 IMG_0759 IMG_0573 IMG_0682 IMG_0772 IMG_0777 IMG_0779 IMG_0780 IMG_0781

Whats even more amazing about their craftsmen is their ability to recycle materials. We saw huge cabinets and tables made from pieces of old fishing boats, and what Balinese women cannot make from reeds probably isn’t worth having. Every material is re used and more importantly appreciated.

Along with enjoying the crafts available in Ubud we were lucky to have caught sight of a cremation ceremony. It’s not as morbid as it may sound, each village is different but in Ubud they have mass cremation ceremony’s where items that will be of use for the deceased are burnt in large hand-made dragons. It feels like a happy occasion to be a part of, and as it only happens every five years there where hundreds of people gathering to celebrate the lives of those lost.image-17 image-22

We also met some interesting friends whilst adventuring around Bali.image-18 image-15 IMG_0776 image-25IMG_0655

As this is not a food blog I wont waffle on about all the incredible food we ate, but I will mention one place that blew my mind (so much so we went back 4 times !). Naughty Nuri’s is a family run restaurant in Ubud  that specialise in good, simple home cooking and is well worth a visit. Always busy but with a great laid back atmosphere , Nuri’s offers that something special some restaurants just cant get right.

IMG_0675 IMG_0676 IMG_0678 IMG_0695

Safe to say I had the trip of a lifetime and cannot recommend Bali enough. The people are so welcoming and there are so many great places to explore, the food is also very , very good.  Back to reality I go……..

P.S. Apologies for the gross date stamps on the photographs. New camera is having some teething issues and will not listen !


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